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Jens Kleinefeld

Jens Kleinefeld is specialized in Anesthesia, Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine. He is working as a DCO for several national and international sport associations.

As a DCO he has plenty of world wide experience in Doping Controls in football and was honored in 2014 for his work.

As a General Medical Officer he was responsible for the medical organization of international top sport events.

As a member of the Anti Doping Expert Group of an International Sport Association he is directly involved in the development and improvement of the doping control system

Professional career:

since the 1990s:
DCO for several national and international sport associations
until 2010:
Consultant of the Emergency Departement of the City Solingen/Germany
Instructor and Auditor of a state-recognized School for Paramedics
Chief Emergency Doctor for the cities of Solingen, Remscheid, Wuppertal


Dr. Gregor Weimbs

Dr. Gregor Weimbs is specialized in Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine. As a trained Leading Emergency Doctor he is widely experienced in Trauma Medicine.

Working for national and international Sports Assocaitions (ie FIFA) he has years of experience and profound expertise in the Doping Control process

Professional career:

Since 1997:
working as a consultant for the police headquarter Cologne: Asserving of Blood-, Urine- and DNA material for preserve evidence
physician in charge of transfusion services in a Trauma Care Center
Phd and doctoral work about cardiovascular response of autologous blood donation


Ute Jonath

Master of business administration Ute Jonath is working since 2009 for NPO with specialisation in

  • advanced training programs
  • ambulatory care
  • critical care
  • finance and accounting
  • controlling / management NPO
  • project development NPO

Professional career:

As a Master of business administration Ute Jonath worked as a division manager for different tax consulting and accounting firms with the main focus on income and corporation tax

managing director of a German service company in Cologne
in 1980s:
degree of Master in business administration and professional experience in different companies


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