A message, that set an example

No doping: We are committed to this mission. This is the message we want to pass on to prosperous young athletes.

We offer associations and clubs advice on how to instruct young athletes by raising their awareness to the dangers and risks of doping. Our experts also instruct the theoretical foundations of the anti-doping rules and regulations (WADA/NADO Code). We indicate common pitfalls and dangers when using medicines and dietary supplements. The young athletes are informed on their rights and responsibilities under the conditions stipulated in the WADA code.

FAIRNESS FROM THE START: Anti-doping seminars

For many years, our experienced instructors perform doping prevention training courses within the Junior Bundesliga. The instructors clarify the dangers of doping to hundreds of elite junior athletes on an annual basis. Since 205 and amongst others, seminars are given to the 1. FC Köln.


For this most important role, we only avail of experienced Doping Control Officers to carry out this mission. DCO’s with many years of success and experience within the Bundesliga of the DFB.

Practical exercises complete the 1.5 hour training